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Tricks to get a big butt: Some girls are self-conscious about their weight, some are self-conscious

about their boobs, and some are self-conscious about weird things like their ankles. As for me, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been RIDICULOUSLY self-conscious about my butt. It sucked. It was flat. It was bland. Heck, it practically looked like a boy’s butt! Although I’d heard of the various exercises that you could do to help make your butt bigger and rounder, I never really put much stake in them.

It just never made much sense to me, but then again, I barely passed biology in high school, so what did I know?

Trick #1

You see, you don’t just take some the supplement and expect your ass to double in size over the coming days. Instead, it’s recommended that you perform the recommended home exercises to initiate the proces

The exercises that are generally recommended to perform are all ones that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. The list of exercises is even so varied that you can pretty much pick and choose which of them you want to do as well.

Although you’ll hear all sorts of recommendations and opinions as to which particular exercises work the best, generally due to the fact that how effective a given exercise is will vary from woman to woman (genetics, body type, weight, etc. etc.), I personally found two of the suggested exercises to be vastly more effective than any of the others. Not to mention they’re ridiculously simple to perform as well, which is always a good thingTrick #2 and #3
forward lunge
The first exercise that I found to be super effective is called the forward lunge.Basically, you slowly go forward to one knee as far as you can stretch out and then resume the act as if you were continuing to walk forward, followed by lunging forward to one knee with your OTHER leg. It sounds easy and it’s super simple, but TRUST me — you’re going to feel the burn barely within a minute of starting the exercis
The other exercise that I found to be really effective technically isn’t an exercise at all really. At least I don’t think so. But the “exercise” is climbing up and down stairs, except you do it at a slow, measured pace. This particular “exercise” is even able to be mixed up a bit, as you can graduate from doing one stair at a time to two or even three (if you’re able) at a time.In addition, you can also take the steps more quickly to change up the workout, although I definitely recommend that you only do this while going UP the stairs. I had an unfortunate accident that involved me nearly breaking my leg as I tumbled down a few stairs… thankfully, though, no one was around to see it. (At least I hope not!)When it was all said and done, despite my extreme skepticism, I was amazed and on cloud nine as I watched my rear’s steady progression into a luscious, round bubble that I never in a million years would have believed could have existed on my body

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